Onsite dining should be something to look forward to—whatever segment you’re in. Count on us to make things simple while you satisfy appetite after appetite.


Eating well is a perk every employee can appreciate. We’ll help you put a food and beverage program together that blows them away. Our products are known for their versatilitywhich comes in handy when making regular menu changes. Do it right and your team won’t want to go anywhere else.


Gone are the days when processed foods were the norm in K-12 and collegiate settings. Today, Taylor equipment treats hungry minds to nutritious, diverse meals with flavors that span the globeeven when large batches are a necessity. Our grills are famous but be sure to look into MagnaBlend blenders for healthy, on-trend smoothies. Ask your authorized distributor if there are special programs for educational institutions in your area.


Healthcare workers, patients and their visitors deserve the very best. So, let’s give it to them. Our versatile equipment can help you serve up satisfying dishes in large quantities, and all the freshly made grab-n-go options they rely on too. We engineer with food safety as a top priority so all models are easy to clean and many offer automated heat treatment.


It’s an honor to help serve those who serve us. Yet, the mission remains the same: healthful, well-prepared, exciting food and beverage. Fortunately, Taylor equipment is built to handle large numbers and versatile enough for fast menu changes. With military needs in mind, we offer multiple footprints including easy-to-move floor and countertop models.