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We've Got Your Busiest Dayparts Licked.

You've got customers. They all want soft serve. But you don't have a lot of space to spare. That's why we designed the Slim7 Series. These amazing freezers are small enough to fit neatly on your counter yet powerful enough to handle any rush, at any time.

Model 738

Ready for Business

The most remarkable feature of the Slim7 Series is the ability to serve customer after customer. You'll enjoy the kind of productivity one would expect from much larger models.

  • Rapid recovery for high-volume throughput
  • Exceptional repeatability

Countertop Convenience

Big-time throughput capabilities wouldn't mean much if Slim7 Series models didn't fit so perfectly inside your operation.

  • Surprisingly compact footprint
  • Side condenser for simple back counter installation
  • A smart new profit center when you're low on space

Model 736


Soft serve they'll love

When you're serving so many customers, you want your ice cream to be the best in town. The Slim7 Series helps make it happen.

  • Special gear pump technology for a light, airy consistency
  • Adjustable overrun for different mix types
  • Choose the Slim736 for one flavor or the Slim738 for two
side by side image of flavor areas and control panel

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