Making your life easier is the name of the game. And that starts with turnkey maintenance solutions to help you crush downtime. Here’s a taste of some popular options with big-time ROI.

Hydra Rinse Sanitation Equipment

One of the newest additions to the Taylor lineup, Hydra Rinse is an excellent add-on to your frozen dessert equipment. With the touch of a button, you’re able to clean and sanitize machines in half the time of manual cleaning. It even reduces water consumption. Click through for a full rundown.


28HT Automated Cleaning

You’ll find the 28HT on some of our best shake and soft serve freezers. It involves a short, automated, daily heating and cooling cycle to ensure the product mix is food-safe. In turn, letting you go almost a month between cleanings. It minimizes downtime and helps save on labor costs and product waste. Download the sell sheet to learn more!


Brush Butler Maintenance Service

If you have 28HT, here's how you never lift a finger. Set up Brush Butler service with your local distributor, and we'll send an expert Taylor technician to perform your monthly maintenance. What they'll do:

  • Perform a thorough cleaning every 28 days
  • Conduct preventative maintenance 4 times a year
  • Answer any questions
  • Let you get on with your daily business


Tune-Up Kits

Most equipment has wearable parts that need replacing every now and then. The good news is your local distributor can send you a kit to take care of it on your own. And it’s super easy! Regularly scheduled deliveries will keep your equipment running like a dream, and most importantly, help avoid costly breakdowns.


Service Contracts

Heard about Taylor service and maintenance contracts? They’re a great way to save! While almost all Taylor equipment comes with a warranty for replacement parts, a service contract covers labor too. Ask your nearest authorized distributor about availability in your area.