Taylor L812 Electric Two Platen 3 Lane Two Sided Grill




  • One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate TIME, TEMPERATURE, and GAP settings for every product.
  • Programmable Controls - Microprocessor controls are programmable for simplified operator operation. Offers flexibility for future menu items and product specification changes at the restaurant level. Customizable to offer multi-stage settings per product, five languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese), standby alert to conserve energy, and four timers that can be used specifically for flat grill cooking.
  • External USB Port External USB port allows user access to upload new menu and promotional items. Menu changes can be sent electronically to other store locations saving time and eliminating operator error.
  • Upper Platens - Two upper platens will close automatically to the preset gap setting with the touch of one button. Air cylinder system provides quiet, simple, trouble-free operation of the upper platen. As a safety feature, platen will automatically open at loss of power, or if an obstruction is detected. Platen double left.
  • One cooking zone with no platen and only a flat cooking surface
  • Precise Automatic Gapping - Solid platform with 3-point reference plane and fixed (home) reference point. Once programmed, the upper platen automatically achieves accurate and consistent gaps, every time. Precise, repeatable gapping assures product safety and better quality finished product. Up to 1" gap.
  • Cooking Zones - Three separately controlled cooking zones. Each zone has three independent heating elements, and two in the upper platen to assure even temperatures and quick recovery.
  • Side-To-Side Release Material protects entire upper platen cooking surface and makes cleaning easy. Improved installation and removal process away from hot surfaces.
  • Patty Cook Position Placement Guide - Lower cooking surface is etched for a permanent patty placement guide for two-sided cooking. 
  • Two dedicated electrical connections are required. See the Electrical chart for the proper electrical requirements. Manufactured to be permanently connected. Consult your local Taylor distributor for receptacle specifications as local codes allow. Restraining cable included.
  • Standby alert feature incorporated into the grill gives audible reminder to place an idle platen into standby mode. This feature reduces operating energy by up to 40 percent compared to full operation mode.
  • Four flat timer turns a 12-inch cooking area into four separately timed cooking zones, managed by a built-in timer. Improves speed of service.
  • Multi-function mode for pp to three manual actions can be performed within a cook cycle, such as turn, sear, season or cheese melt.
  • Integrated fault log Improves technician diagnostics by making troubleshooting easier. Also validates downtime occurrences.
  • Accessories include cleaner (1 quart), grease cans (two, mounted on each side that require a 34" (86.4cm) minimum aisle width in front of grill for grease can removal.), release sheets that include clips and retainer (one box of 9), and squeegee. Purchase via kitchen equipment supplier may be required, please contact distributor for information.


Lower Cooking Surface Heat Source


Upper Platen Heat Source


Cooking Surface Dimensions



Floor Model

Upper Platens


Cooking Zones


Programmable Controls




Grease Collection

External Side

Dimensions w/d/h (in/mm)

40-5/16" (w)
1024mm (w)
38-13/16" (d)
986mm (d)
Adjustable (h)

Net Weight (Lbs/Kg)

773.0 lbs
350.6 kg