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They’re there to have fun at the attractions as well as at the concessions. So don’t let captive customers take their cravings or dollars off-site. Satisfy their appetites for on-trend fun treats with the help of versatile and efficient Taylor® foodservice equipment.
Enjoying a frozen treat, whether it’s an ice cream cone, cup of frozen yogurt or a fruity flavored frozen slush is as much a part of theme parks as roller coasters. With Taylor soft serve, frozen beverage and smoothie machines, you can create an appealing, crowd-pleasing variety of signature treats the whole family will enjoy.
Indulgent favorites like ice creams and fruity frozen treats will satisfy the younger crowd, while real frozen lemonades, frozen gourmet coffees and wholesome frozen yogurts and smoothies fortified with healthy additives can please adults and more health-conscious guests.
Be sure to add a dose of your own imagination. Create fun names for your items based on your park’s characters, or offer them in collectible souvenir cups. With Taylor equipment, you’re in the perfect position to offer the high-margin items fun-seeking guests want…while you pump up your profit potential.

Taylor Model C606
Model C606

Heat Treatment Combination

The Heat Treatment system provides a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain dairy products up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required. Heat Treatment freezers address food safety, product waste, maintenance and repair cost concerns.

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Taylor Model C314
Model C314

Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Freezer

Dispense a light, fluffy, high overrun slush product in a pressurized system from this modular, counter-top freezer. Optional nonpressurized system produces a wetter, lower overrun slush. Air is discharged out the top of the unit to accommodate tight counter space. Optional cart converts the unit to a self-contained floor model, and provides storage for the syrup.

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Taylor Model 432
Model 432

Frozen Beverage Freezer

Vary your menu by offering shakes & smoothies or frozen cocktails, fruit juices, coffees, cappuccino and tea slush beverages, all served at the desired thickness.

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You’ve got a thrill-seeking crowd that’s on the lookout for culinary adventure. Don’t limit your menu to the predictable burgers and hot dogs. Expand your menu – and add excitement – with a new Taylor® Company 2-sided commercial grill.
With Taylor grills, you can offer dozens of profitable new grab ‘n’ go meals for every daypart. Just press a button to cook chicken, stir fry, hot sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas and dozens of other options. Create fun combinations with frozen desserts and beverages for even more options. From popular choices to on-trend gourmet offerings, Taylor foodservice equipment provides you with the opportunities for bigger sales from hungry guests for as long as your gates are open.
Taylor commercial grills feature built-in smart settings so you can grill easier, faster and smarter. There’s minimal training and maintenance required, and all grills feature advanced safety options for both food and operators. Their 2-sided simultaneous heating means cooking is completed 2/3 faster than traditional flat grills for more efficient output. Controls are intuitive and easy-to-operate with programmable cook times, pre-set temps and automatic gap settings.
The perfect equipment for high-volume operations, versatile Taylor grills allow you to serve a wide variety of signature items, on-trend offerings and classic favorites to expand your menu, attract bigger crowds, keep the lines moving and build bigger profits.

Taylor Model L819
Model L819


One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate TIME, TEMPERATURE and GAP settings for every product.

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Taylor Model L813
Model L813


One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate TIME, TEMPERATURE and GAP settings for every product.

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Taylor Model L810
Model L810

Electric 3 Platen 36"

One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate TIME, TEMPERATURE and GAP settings for every product.

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Whether you’re looking for new ways to expand your store’s menu, or whether you need a replacement part – and you need it now – going above and beyond to keep your business running is what the Taylor Company’s Red Cape® Commitment is all about.
From consumer insights to equipment solutions to staff training, Taylor® products and programs provide the return value you deserve. With more than 6,500 factory-trained technicians in 172 countries, 24-hour phone support, and a responsive supply chain, your store will benefit from the highest level of worldwide customer support.
That’s the Taylor Company’s Red Cape Commitment to you. But it doesn’t just stop there.
Every employee in our Rockton, Illinois facility is committed to building some of the most advanced foodservice equipment available. That means that Taylor equipment not only produces food that is safe to eat, but just as important, our engineers continually look for ways to make Taylor equipment safer and easier for your employees to operate.
It’s this history of continually testing and perfecting our equipment that has made us the foodservice leader. And it’s what gives you the confidence you need to count on Taylor equipment to keep your business running.
When you’re ready to consider a new equipment purchase, consider Taylor equipment first. With the Taylor Company’s Red Cape® Commitment, we go beyond, so you rise above.

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