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Offer any variation of soft serve products like ice cream, frozen custard, sorbet, or frozen yogurt and thick creamy shakes from a single combination freezer. What’s more, dual freezing cylinders allow you to serve soft serve and shakes from a single freezer. Taylor® combination freezers help to reduce labor costs and make the most out of valuable space, all while serving up the versatile treats to satisfy customers’ desires for healthy and indulgent choices. With easy-to-use operation, Taylor foodservice equipment delivers consistent quality products draw after draw. Your local authorized Taylor distributor can assist you with planning and customizing options to best suit your foodservice operational goals.

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Built to Serve

Why do so many businesses put their trust in Taylor equipment? It starts with breakthrough engineering, exceptional service and a worldwide distributor network.

Slim7 Series at the 2019 NRA Show

The Slim7 Series compact soft serve freezers were designed to serve customers faster, even when space is limited.

Hide Piccadilly - Michelin Starred Soft Serve from Taylor UK

Ollie Dabbous explains how soft ice cream has become an intrinsic part of the dessert offering at his Michelin Starred restaurant in London's Piccadilly.

Zinga Frozen Yogurt

The good people at Zinga are reaping the benefits of using top-notch equipment from a company with a huge distributor and service network.

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