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Model CO88

MagnaBlend® Pro
Frozen Blended Beverage Station

Taylor Model CO88

MagnaBlend® Pro Frozen Blended Beverage Station


Speed of Service

Designed to increase speed of service in every way, a stunning 9-second blend time helps to consistently deliver delicious blended frozen beverages throughout all dayparts.

Integrated Design

The integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station remove the need for employees to move back and forth between separate prep areas. Simply blend, rinse and repeat.

Intuitive Full-Color, Icon-Based Touchscreen

Graphical icon interface is easy to navigate and allows the operator to simply select the recipe, serving size and the blended drink is prepared hands – free. The control panel offers training modules and offers daily and weekly notifications.

Mix Storage Cabinet

Refrigerated mix storage cabinet holds eight BPA-free refillable bins, (1) gallon capacity each. Product bins load easily into the machine and provide consistent product flow to the pitcher.

Ice Hopper with Lid Safety Sensors

The ice bin holds approximately 28 lbs (12.7 kgs) of ice. For added safety, the machine cannot run unless the lid is replaced.

Blender Pitchers

BPA-free. Blends up to 2 - 16 oz. (473 ml) drinks at once. The MagnaBlend comes with two blending pitchers to maximizes throughput.

Breakthrough Magnetic Technology

Instead of relying on direct-contact gear mechanisms that can wear down, MagnaBlend eliminates friction by utilizing magnetic force. A sealed design locks out damaging moisture.

Product Consistency and Portion Control

The blending mechanism allows for a consistent finished drink each and every time providing consistent customer satisfaction and food costs through dispensing accuracy and reduction in over pouring.

Customizable Menu

An SD card port lets you share custom blends, LTOs and regional favorites across your entire franchise network.



One dedicated electrical connection is required. See the electrical chart for the proper electrical requirements. Manufactured to be cord connected. Cord length is 9 ft. (2.74 m) external to unit on 115/60/1.

Refrigeration System

One - 1000 btu/hr - R134A (115/60/1 and 208-230/60/1)
One - 900 btu/hr - R404A (220-240/50/1)

Air Cooled

Top air discharge chute at the rear directs air exhaust upwards. No clearance required.


3/8" Hot or cold water supply line for rinse station. Minimum 55 PSI required with a maximum of 100 PSI. Temperature Max 125°F (52°C) Hot water recommended when allergenic products used. For best results, filtered water required. Quick disconnect (QD) fittings are included. CO2 90 PSI required. 3/8" line. Quick disconnect (QD) fittings are included.


A drain is required. The drain must be able to accommodate a 1-1/8" (29 mm) diameter drain tube. A minimum of 1" (25 mm) air gap is required between the end of the drain tube and the drain to ensure proper flow. 8 ft. (2.44 m) of 1” ID drain hose included.


Cup dispenser

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