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Designed for movers and shakers

Nothing keeps your shake business moving like the C708SHK. It's about a million times faster than hand dipping, requires almost zero cleanup and still pours fabulous shakes every time. From the corner booth to the drive thru, the C708SHK lets you serve more milkshakes and make more money.

Smarter than hand dipping

Why subject customers to the misery of waiting on hit-or-miss hand dipped milkshakes? The C708SHK is a treat for everybody involved.

  • Much faster
  • Requires less labor
  • Creates less mess
  • Wastes less product
  • More hygienic


Better Than Other Freezers Too

Once you've realized how much better the C708SHK is than hand dipping, the next step is seeing how it stacks up against the competition. Unfortunately for them, it's another easy call.

  • Unbeatable recovery speed and throughput
  • Higher capacity in a reduced footprint
  • Customizable viscosity
  • Pump or gravity (C709SHK, coming soon) mix delivery
  • Comes with Taylor service and support

Making Downtime a Thing of the Past

You can't serve the world's best shakes if you're constantly having to shut down for cleaning and maintenance.
Of course, we've solved that problem too.

  • 28-day heat treatment cycle virtually eliminates daily maintenance
  • Add the Brush Butler program for monthly cleaning by a Taylor service tech

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