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Sixty seconds may not seem like a lot, but it’s more than enough to make a huge impact.

The Power of 60 Seconds

Sixty seconds may not seem like a lot, but it’s more than enough to make a huge impact. 


It was great to be back at the NRA Show in Chicago. It was exciting to reconnect with customers and colleagues. Great conversations were had, especially when talking automation and efficiency. I had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of automation through the next generation of Taylor equipment: the L858 Crown Series Grill and a RAM Frozen Food Dispenser.   


Over several days we served hundreds of meals off a very small space with minimal labor. One common trait of highly effective cooking is the use of time and understanding of what can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. 


Sixty seconds may not seem like a lot, but it can feel like an eternity for some very important tasks in the kitchen that can make a huge impact. 


Why use sixty seconds as a benchmark? Because the next generation L858 Crown Series double-sided grill can cook six to eight refrigerated 4-ounce burger patties to food-safe temperatures in 60 seconds. After engaging the one-touch program, the unit performs the tasks required through desired qualitative parameters to result in a great looking and tasting product. 


But what can you do during those sixty seconds while the patties cook? Young cooks and head chefs alike have always heard the phrase, “time to lean, time to clean.”  Whenever you are given an opportunity to capture some time in the process of cooking, you take it. Here are some tasks that can be accomplished in sixty seconds.


  • Check accuracy of order assembly to meet customer expectations 
  • Stage additional orders queuing in the POS 
  • Restock prep to ensure continuous operation 
  • Start additional tasks like frying a new batch of fries
  • Clean and sanitize work areas
  • Communicate with other stations to ensure correct timing of items coming from other stations 
  • Focus on the presentation of the products being assembled
  • Scrape and squeegee the other grill zones to ensure that the next orders started on the grill will be the same as the previous ones 


These are the exact same tasks we demonstrated on the NRA show floor. By setting up a focused kitchen and putting the right people in place, we were able to complete orders within an expedited fashion with a high level of accuracy. 


If we can do it on a tradeshow floor, you can certainly do it in your own kitchen. Utilize the power of 60 seconds to grow your business. 

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