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Blend Faster with Our Most Efficient Design Ever.

Fully automated and boasting a stunning 9-second blend time, nothing moves your operation faster. An integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station eliminate back and forth between prep areas while a refrigerated cabinet holds up to 8 ready-to-mix flavors. Simply blend, rinse and repeat.

  • Unprecedented service speed
  • Instantly craft an endless variety of drinks
  • Increased capacity for peak demands
  • Ideal for drive-thru operations

Blend Smarter with User-Friendly Operation and Connectivity.

An intuitive full-color, icon-based touchscreen makes operation as easy as can be. Just select the flavor and serving size, and the machine does the rest. Yet that’s not the only technology at your fingertips. An SD card slot lets you share custom blends, LTOs and regional favorites across your entire franchise network.

  • Icon-based touchscreen
  • Requires minimal training
  • Consistent blended drinks every time
  • Pre-programmable menu via SD card

Blend Better with Breakthrough Magnetic Technology.

No other innovation sets the MagnaBlend series apart more than the source of its smooth, ice-crushing power. Instead of relying on direct-contact gear mechanisms that can wear down, MagnaBlend blenders and blending systems eliminate friction by utilizing magnetic force. A sealed design locks out damaging moisture.

  • Exceptionally powerful
  • No mechanical gears to wear out
  • Quieter operation
  • Less downtime
Configuration Onboard
# of Beverage Profiles Menu
Easy to Use Interface Auto Product Dispensing Integrated Rinse Station
Magnablend® Model SB25
Counter 6 PC Progam with SD Card Upload Touch Pad Manual Dispensing Only
Magnablend® Pro Model CO88
Floor 9 PC Progam with SD Card Upload Color Touchscreen 8 Products from Refrig. Cabinet



MagnaBlend® Model SB25


MagnaBlend® Pro Model C088



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